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  • What is Debbi's background?

    Debbi Fields (born September 18, 1956) is the founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies.  For a more indepth look at her career please see About Me.

  • Was Debbi a ball girl for the Oakland Athletics and did she use that money to start her cookie business?

    In 1969, Oakland Athletics owner Charles O. Finley introduced "ball girls" (young girls who would sit in foul territory near the baselines to retrieve baseballs grounded foul by batters) to major league baseball. Debbi was one of the first ones he hired. She was paid five dollars an hour and would use the money to buy ingredients for what would become her famous cookies.

  • Hello Mrs. Fields, I am a big fan and am in the process of developing my version of the best chocolate chip cookie! I of course will model it after my favorite chocolate chip cookie, yours. It is strictly going to be made for sale in our family restaurant and for my family to enjoy. I would love to ask you if you have any professional advise for me? And can I have your autograph please? My address is **** Thank you for your time. Wherever I see a Mrs. Fields cookie shop I ALWAYS STOP! Thanks, yours truly frank

    Hello Frank! 

    I would be happy to send you an autograph... 
    As to inspirational advice.. mind your P's and Q's
    Whatever you do, you have got to Love it; so PASSION is essential. Create and PERFECT a product or service that is market differential, stands above the rest, and will last. PERSEVERE in spite of all the challenges, including times where you just want to give up, or your dream is taking longer to launch then anticipated. Passion, Perfection and Perserverence led me to Quality and my American Dream...