Debra (Debbi) J. Fields epitomizes the American dream. From America's cherished tradition of humble beginnings, she launched what has become one of the nation's most visible, successful dessert empires.

She is one of the few innovators and entrepreneurs to see their name become a product brand symbol of quality that is known and revered worldwide. Few dream achievers (Ford, Edison, Bell among them) lived to enjoy such well-deserved acclaim.

More than 25 years of entrepreneurial, operational and managerial experience, all of it earned in a company she built (literally) from scratch. Founder, baker, chief cookie lover and former Chairman, of Mrs. Fields Cookies, a $450 million company she founded in 1977.

Armed with real butter, an American Dream and an inability to accept ‘no’ as an answer, she opened Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chippery in Palo Alto, California on August 16, 1977. On her first day, she set a goal to sell fifty dollars’ worth of cookies – and she was determined to do just that. By midday, she hadn’t made a dollar. So Fields’ took to the streets offering delicious morsels for free. Some would say it was her charm, others would say it was solely the magic of her baked goods, others will argue that it was her determination, whatever the reason she enticed her samplers back to her store and the rest, they say, is history. Fields suggests that she knew she made it when her customers began calling in sick. What began as one store front grew into 700 stores in ten countries.

Being a household name was not enough for the young entrepreneur. Fields wanted it all. So she turned her attention to her own household. She and first husband Randy Fields, together, have five daughters. She later remarried Michael Rose and became step-mother to an additional five children. Moreover, she welcomed her first grandchild at the beginning of the New Year.

Today, Fields is not only the celebrated monarch that she deserves to be, but the author of three cookbooks and one biography, One Smart Cookie. Today she motivates through candid speeches, community service and family-centric activities. When not inspiring others to redefine "Impossible" as "I’m possible", Debbi is always finding new challenges to conquer and living everyday to the fullest – most recently, this came in the form of summiting Mount Kilimanjaro.

It is her hope that through this blog you find inspiration, grace and momentum in who you are and who you dream to be.