“Happy are those who dream dreams.."

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

Leon J Suenenz

I think it is of vital necessity to dream – to have dreams, but of even greater importance is the perseverance and dedication to fulfilling those dreams.  It is one thing to dream. It is another thing To DO.  If you have a date with “To Do” then your dream will become a reality.

Everyone has Goals and Dreams; without them – we would be aimless.  When I reflect on what was the key ingredient in the transformation from ‘Having a Dream’ into ‘Living a Dream’ it became clearer that Motivation was that key.  What got me really motivated was when I realized that most people felt that I had nothing to offer.  And maybe that was true, at the time.  But through their scorn, I found the strength to prove to myself and all the naysayers that I had what it took – and that my dream was not impossible, it was I’m Possible!

Discouragement will litter your path, failure too, but stay the course; stay true yourself and your aspiration.

With Morsels of Love and Belief in You,