Valentine's Day Musings and Coffee Cake

The only things that I love more than dessert are my husband, family and friends.  Valentine’s Day reminds us how much love is in and around our lives – it gives us the opportunity to not only celebrate, but also appreciate the love that we are blessed to have and to share. It matters not if you are single, married, on the mend or head-over-heals in love; love is in the air.  It is omnipresent and all encompassing.

Metaphors about love and cookies abound.  When we are aware of the sweetness within ourselves, much like the scent of freshly baked cookies, we permeate and entice the affections of those around us. With love in your heart, share a cookie and your love of self with everyone you have the opportunity to.

Here is a Coffee Cake recipe that I make for my family each Valentine’s day.  I make it in a spring form heart-shaped pan.  Nothing says I love you like a good morning coffee cake.  Enjoy the cake – more importantly, enjoy yourselves, the love you have and the love you have to give.

Happy Valentine's Day!