Holiday Kissed Cookies

When the aspens are cloaked in amber and gold, my heart thumps a little quicker, as this weather change foretells holiday joy and family time.  Nothing brings me as much joy as my family.  I get excited knowing that soon…my giant clan will come together to laugh and to play games (I LOVE games) and to eat incredible meals.  Moreover, the cooling weather gives me the excuse to keep myself warm in the kitchen via the heat of my oven.

I have always believed that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  There is something magical about infusing love into morsels to be consumed by those you love most.  In a way, each bite they enjoy is like a nod from my heart – a delicious taste of my love.  Everyone knows that everybody always hangs out in the kitchen.  As such, I like to keep mine stocked during this time of year with cinnamon and clove spiced treats for kitchen grazing/noshing.  I think it is equal part nostalgia and sustenance that warms their tummies. 

It is my humble honor to share with you my holiday kissed cinnamon cookie recipe.  It is my hope that you infuse as much love as cinnamon and into this recipe – you can surely taste the difference.  In fact, perhaps as non-sequitur, this article explored the effects of Intentionally Enhanced Chocolate on Mood and proved that foods made with love, like chicken soup, have a measurable impact on the consumer.